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The top restaurateurs in Tokyo, who collectively own more than 200 restaurants, have teamed up to present you TABERU, a menu of handcrafted meals, tastes, and flavors from the streets of Tokyo.

The name TABERU comes from the japanese terminology 三大欲求・"Sandaiyokkyu" the "three major desires" which is said to be indispensable and key for our lives, and the main one being 食欲・"shokuyoku" which means to eat.


Our chefs from Tokyo have developed a menu that has never been seen in LA before! Our signature dish are the Yasai Makis, which are fresh veggies wrapped in pork. However, we also offer vegetarian/ vegan options.

Join us for a great atmosphere, delicious food and drinks, and a totally unique dining experience! Experience the "Real Deal" Tokyo comfort food without the jet-lag!

We are located next to Kreation on Traction Avenue and offer patio dining as well as valet parking.

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